– What are you doing there, sweet pie?- Just a little drawing,…

– What are you doing there, sweet pie?
– Just a little drawing, daddy!
– Oh yeah? Can I see your skills, sweetie!
– You mean these, daddy?
– Oh f …! Not what I meant dear, but ok! Where is your mom?
– She works late, she called and said that you had to cook dinner for us!
– What if you show me some more of your skills, and I’ll take you out for pizza afterwards?
– Really? Ok daddy, what skills were you thinking of?
– I dont know, is there anything special you are proud of and want to show me?
– Hmmm, I dont know! Oh yes, I shaved my pussy for the first time today, would you like to see daddy?
– ……..
– Daddy? Are you ok? Your face just turned red!