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I found your page though Slutpetra’s pag…

I found your page though Slutpetra’s page she loves dogs too.

Yes us bloggers stick together like a cult



Sometimes, this place can feed on itself. I let it try to be an outlet for my darker side. Sometimes I find myself in this loop that feeds on itself. I chase whatever is next. Whatever is more fucked up. There are times when the rush of adrenaline I feel is more important than the consequences of what I’m liking or.posting. and only when people from my real life, the life where I care about what happens to others, comes across this page and reminds me that every image or video that I’ve liked is a real thing that really happened and it’s not just a fantasy, do I realize that this page isn’t a bubble. That everything happens has consequences. Thank you for reminding me of that. That I’m actually a person who cares about others and my fantasies aren’t more important than that.


taboosis: still bored no one to grab my atten…


still bored no one to grab my attention all way yet


What happened to the rest of your experience f…

What happened to the rest of your experience from three months ago?

Master returned much later. I’m not sure how long he left me there, tied up and edging but it felt like a million years to me. He told me that if I let him fuck my throat, then he would make me cum- and I needed to! So badly, I felt as though the world would soon end if I didnt get the pleasure I dumbly believed in that moment that I deserved. 

The second I was untied I fell to my knees and immediately took him into my mouth. I believe that was the best blowjob I ever gave, I was so needy.. so desperate! I tried all of my famous tricks to get him off quickly, and mentally prepared myself to not breathe as often as I needed to- his cock was more important than my air, I knew that much.

I held eye contact the entire time and sucked his cock as deeply as I could. I was on my knees for perhaps 25 minutes or so, because every time he got close he would back up and order me to abuse my cunt in some way. My favorite was when he handed me his belt and had me whip myself, and I did so until my thighs were stained purple.

By then, I had cum to the conclusion that I was a bad girl for even briefly believing my orgasms mattered. They didn’t- only masters did. My finishing was not a requirement, but a reward. And I needed to prioritize Master. 

With that thought in mind, I really did my best and damn near made myself puke multiple times in the pursuit of giving the best blowjob of my career. He eventually said he was ready to cum, so he forced his cock so deeply in my throat I was unable to breathe through my nose. I put my hand around my throat and jacked him off while I was choking on his cock. Within seconds, he came, and I greedily swallowed every drop.

By then I decided I didnt even want to cum. Of course I was still dripping, still so very needy. But the pleasure that I got from making him cum- nothing can compare to that.

It’s a good thing I had that mentality, because he had lied. He had no plans to finish me off. Which worked for me, I knew by then that my pleasure was irrelevant. Making him happy and leaving him satisfied was the most important thing I knew. 

Without even asking, I scurried off to the kitchen with shaking legs and a happy heart and I retrieved master a glass of water. I brought it back to him, and fell to my knees to thank him for all that he had done for me. After receiving permission to stand and after hearing the whispered words “you were such a good girl for me. I’m so proud of you.” I ran off to make him a sandwich and pour him a beer.

I’m glad he was willing to use me, because that particular man taught me an important lesson. Good girls dont NEED to cum, they just need to make sure others do.


Just read the question that you replied it&#03…

Just read the question that you replied it's been 3 months since you got used to the point of wishing for death. What exactly did they do to you? I can't even begin to phantom. Please, don't hold back on the details

Well, it’s quite the story, actually. One of my favorites to replay in my mind, and I do so quite often.

Once it occurred to me that I had a full time job, baby sat and just generally forgot what it was like to feel little, I panicked. I decided that getting some cock and choked a little bit would help me feel how I should be: small and fragile. That night I called out of work and went online, to meetme. 

Ah, that site has blessed me with many men who never tried to call again after we fucked. Which is exactly why I love it! The guys were always decent people, the cocks were usually pretty good and most of them didn’t try to hit me up again. They understood that all I wanted was to be ruined, and then left alone. 

So I had decided to meet this guy on meetme after I saw we got along quite well. One of he things he said that caught my eye was how much he wanted to tie me up. Of course lots of people tell me things like that, so I didnt pay it too much mind at first.. until he showed me beautiful and artistic photographs he had taken of other happy submissives who were tied in various positions. The rope work was beautiful, the girls looked happy enough and by the way he was speaking he appeared to be extremely rough and always in control. Not to mention he was more than ideal in the looks department. 

I figured he was too good to be true, but then thought about it and decided I had met hundreds of people off that site in my time and nothing bad ever happened. Surely my bad luck wouldnt start now!

Well, he took me to a really lovely restaurant where I had worn the fanciest gown I own. I I was so very happy with him for causing this moment in which I not only felt like at my most beautiful, but I was also being openly admired by others! I felt like a princess, and I was at my happiest in that moment. “Coming on this date was a brilliant idea!” I thought before we even reached the dinner table. 

He pulled my chair out for me kissed my hand before I sat, then he stood there and waited for me to sit and he pushed my chair in. He told me the most romantic words I’ve ever heard in between staring at me like I was something magical. I felt it in his stare, he thought I was a princess! Or at least…. at the time that’s what I THOUGHT he was thinking….., but I was wrong. 

Back to the date, he asked me about how I felt about a wide variety of subjects and really seemed to listen intently, his phone was off the whole time, his attention was solely on me. So after pleasant conversations and having laughed and smiled many times, he paid the check then asked me if i had any suggestions of what we should do next. However he did emphasize that he may completely ignore what I say because hes in charge. (Which I loved!) 

After hearing his strict tone, I came to the realization that I needed this mans cock immediately. Without a second thought on the matter, I foolishly blurted out “lets go back to your place!” When I did, I thought I saw anger flash in his eyes, but the look quickly vanished. He smiled and said it would be an honor, then held out his arm for me to hold on to as we walked outside. “I swore he looked mad.. but no, no. Hes fine! I’m just being anxious!” I thought.

We got picked up by his chauffeur and on the way to his mansion he undid my heals and gave me a foot massage. He continued to ask me about how I see the world and I couldn’t help but think that every single thing he had said and done really touched my heart. 

And I grew excited when I remembered I’m going to get tied up, fucked AND some beautiful artistic nudes will be taken of me, so I could post them on here! It was truly a perfect night, and this man was perfect as well. I never wanted to keep men around, but I had never been happier in the presence of a man before than I was in that moment.

We get to his place and he asks me if I want a drink. I say yes, and he disappears into the kitchen to make me one. I take the opportunity to slip into the bathroom and put on some really slutty lingerie and stockings. I touched up my makeup and tried to make myself look as slutty as possible. I crossed my fingers and prayed for sex that was an fantastic as my night up to then had been, and with that I stepped out of the door and headed to the living room where he sat, waiting.

Suddenly, the man I had known up to then vanished. No trace of a smile remained on his face, and when I tentatively asked what was wrong he glared at me then held up a large wineglass filled to the top with a pink drink, and he said the five words that began our wicked night “drink it all, now slut”

The next part is a blur. I remember shaking after hearing those words growled at me, and I remember throwing back the ridiculously big wineglass and chugging. I remember my hands moved out in front of me without my realizing I was doing it, and i remember catching myself before I fell. I remember trying to say “somethings wrong” but it came out as “summie og”

I opened my eyes, and all I saw was black. It didnt make sense, I wasnt blindfolded, but I definitely couldn’t see.

Okay, I have to think. This what is happening. I am me. I am somewhere, somewhere dark. I cant feel my feet. My ankles must be tied. But why. Why are they tied. I didnt tie them. where are my hands. i kind of feel hands. theyre tied too, why. why.  Why cant I see. i need to see. i need to see!” my thoughts were racing, and muddled. 

I laid there for what, days? Weeks? Years? Well, not really. It was only about an hour, according to who would soon be known to me as Master.

The lights suddenly came on, and before I had time to ask what was happening I was suddenly struck across my stomach three times in quick succession. I screamed, and he dropped the whip and walked slowly to me. “Do you know what you did to deserve this, little fuckslut?” he asked calmly. “I dont know!” I wailed. Was he mad I put on lingerie? Why is he mad? I want him to not be hurting me right now! He seemed so kind at dinner, I wasn’t in the mood for this level of pain and certainly didnt expect it. The gentlemen I had dinner with was gone now. This man, he was a monster.

My thoughts are still muddled muddled muddled. He said at dinner he would be kissing me, why is henot kissing me? now hes moving away? The whip! Why does he have it again? Please, no. Please, no! Please, FUCK. 

While I was crying and trying to steady my breathing, he untied me and led me into a different room, onto a wide empty bed. He ordered me to stay there and wait, and I did. Maybe because I was too scared of angering him, maybe because I wanted to see what would happen to me. He returned and commanded in a frightening tone that I lay spread out so that I was fully exposed.

He hit me everywhere from my pussy to my neck. He even flipped me over so he could beat my entire backside. “WHAT DID YOU DO, STUPID BITCH? WHAT RULE DID YOU BREAK?”

I didnt do anything! I never violated any rules! I dont understand why hes mad! I dont-…. and then suddenly it hit me. I didnt give him a suggestion, I told him we should come back here. I gave a command. Oh my god.. fuck. 

I began to apologize in between sobs and struggled to my knees and stuck my tongue out. “please master, would you please fuck my throat? please use me until you cum in my throat?” I begged. “You stupid slut, I actually wanted to make love to you tonight. I never do that shit, because dumb whores like yourself can never fucking behave.” he said before grabbing me by the neck and pinning me to the ground. “you’re not even good enough to suck my cock, you fucking failure.” 

Tears were streaming down my face at this point, but he didnt seem to notice. I could feel his anger, it was practically radiating off of him. Who was this man? How is it that at dinner I briefly thought I could love him? I hadn’t experienced a connection with anyone like that since my third lover passed away. I truly believed he was good, and now I can feel my heartbeat all over my body because of how hard hes squeezing my throat. I think that was when I began to wish I was dead. I was scared, confused, emotionally destroyed and didn’t see the situation getting any better anytime soon. The last thing I heard was him whispering “nighty night , fuckslut” and then I was out.

I woke up to a whirring sound and a terrible pain. He was pinning me down with the upper part of his body and he was holding my hips up with his legs, so my cunt was suspended in the air. I began to panic, and he immediately pulled his legs away, shoved my cunt down onto a vibrator which was likely on its highest setting and while I was drowning in the sensations of that, he stuck his huge cock in my ass. I thankfully noted that he lubed me up before hand, but the speed he ripped open my never used hole was so traumatizing I would’ve screamed if his hand wasnt already pressed over my mouth. I was crying so hard I couldnt breathe and was hardly conscious but I was so very aware of hundreds of sensations all at once. 

The vibrator had me twitching nonstop and I was only shoving his cock deeper into my ass, it was a pain unlike any other I’ve felt before. But my cunt felt so, so good. But the pain. But the pleasure. It was too much and I couldnt stop it and I was having orgasm after orgasm and it hurt so fucking bad but it was so, so good…

And suddenly the vibrator was gone and there was only pain left and I began to hysterically sob. He told me that only good girls get the toy, so I had to bounce on his cock in order to get it again. By then I knew it hurt and I was probably bleeding, but I HAD to get the toy. And he hadnt cum yet, I couldnt leave! 

Wait, I shouldnt want to be here. I should go.. but I cant, god its so good. Before I knew what I was doing, I was bouncing on his dick faster than I ever have before and within minutes he came, filling me up.

I think I thanked him before I collapsed. 

I woke up a little later with a vibrator tied to my leg, barely touching my cunt and driving me to the edge.. but no further. In desperation, I tried to untie it but realized my hands were restrained above me. I looked around and saw a note on the bedside table that said “you wanted the toy? here you go. be back later” and I realized I was stuck edging for who knows how long.

So I laid there and cried while I waited for the man I both loved and hated to return. 


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I really hope tumblr doesnt destroy the quality of this cute little gif I made 🌹


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Screenshot, but I finally made my sister do this 😏


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Good morning Tumblr 😘💋